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Protective Coating:

Schnell tech. brings expertise in engineering trade to provide Project Management services in the field of construction engineering, plant overhauling /maintenance and services related to civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Special focus on protective coating and lead paint removal.We are dynamic young enterprise, spirited and geared up to deal with complex engineering problems of technologically advanced world.

Main Sectors:

With no restriction to any other sector our main focused sectors are:

  • Energy Sector including Hydro Electric, Thermal, Wind and Coal.
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petro Chemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Cement
  • Sugar
  • Food & Agro based Industries
  • Defense Manufacturer

Protective Coating, Selection application & Surface preparation.

Schnell tech.is specialized in liquid and dry application of powder coatings and paint used in broad range and specialized environment with the capacity to spray over 400 types of coating , we now have capacity to handle almost any coating project coupled  with robotic skills for our skilled workers makes  us  smart partner for your industrial coating needs. Our industrial coating services includes:

  1. Abrasive Blasting.

When metal surface needs to look new and free from rust, abrasive blasting is a time tested method of surface preparation. We have experience of various blast medium and equipment with high tech equipment. Our operator of abrasive blasting equipment are familiar with latest industry techniques and SSPC standards. We fulfill all required certification.

  1. SSPC Surface Preparation.

A most fundamental lesson is “never paint a dirty surface”, proper surface preparation is the key to quality paint and coating Job. We provide state of art surface preparation for every type of surface.

  1. Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping is the best practice to strip away year old and layers and layers of paint to give a building and equipment its original look.

Our staff has the expertise to strip existing without harming the substrate beneath. We only use environmentally safe stripping agents with the expertise to determine the most appropriate stripping material required for the job.

  1. Lead Paint  Abatement and Containment

For decades lead based coatings were used in industrial applications such as warehouses, power plants, bridges and buildings. It was learned that inhaling lead dust produced by its deterioration. Lead abatement and containment needs meticulous planning, the proper equipment and strict adherence to the guideline laid by OSHA and EPA standards.

  1. High Pressure Aqua Jetting.

The shine of the steel and brilliance of the paint and original luster fades away eventually. The dirt collect overtime and leads to permanent staining and corrosion ultimately.

Vision Industrial applicators understand that nothing cleans like aqua cleaning, we eliminate molds, grease oil and grains from concrete, structural, steel, pipeline and storage tanks quickly and efficiently with our ultra-high pressure aqua jetting service.

  1. Industrial Coating and Applications.

We are specialized in large scale industrial protective coatings applications. Our operators are highly skilled in application of powder coating. We applies required coating strictly in accordance with MSDS and within other technical parameters to obtain best standards.

  • Epoxy powder coatings.
  • Polyester powder coating
  • Epoxy polyester-Hybrid powder coating
  • Polyurethane powder coating.
  • Intumescent powder coating.